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Limited Edition Doggykings™ 3 in 1 Jackets

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Are they suitable for All Dogs ?

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Yes, our 3 in 1 dog coats are suitable for any kind of dog, size or breed, are size range is from Chihuahua to Labrador sizes.

Are they waterproof ?

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Yes, our dog coats are waterproof. They are perfect for cold rainy winter days :)

Are they beautiful as they look ?

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Yes they are, you you might be very surprised!

Are they suitable for both males and females?

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Yes, they are perfectly suited to both male and female dogs. There's plenty of space under the dog to pee in comfort.

Do your have a Money-back Guarantee ?

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Yes, we have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, if you need another size or a refund on your order.

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